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Summary of Question:How Did Guru Gorbind Singh Ji Meditate?
Date Posted:Saturday, 2/10/2001 9:26 PM MST

vaheguru ji ka kalsa vaheguru ji keh fateh

I have read your other responses on meditation, but I would like to know exactly how Guru Gorbind Singh Ji meditated himself.

Thankyou very much



Sat Siri Akaal Ji:

Guru Gobind Singh was a great yogi and had been a Rishi Dusht Dumaan before incarnating as Guru. This means he perfected yoga and meditation and that he no doubt had perfected several forms of practicing meditation.

Here is one meditation that he practiced, and taught his wife:

Sit with STRAIGHT spine and with legs crossed under you or in yogic posture known as Lotus pose. Hands are on the knees with the thumb and forefinger touching in the mudra known as 'gyan mudra.' Focus the eyes down to the tip of the nose--eyes may end up fully closed or almost closed. This is the hardest part, you will feel pressure on your forehead and eyes. MENTALLY recite Wahayguru mantra, while breathing very slowly and deeply, with equal amount of time inhaling and exhaling. Such slow breathing results in an inhale of at least 12 seconds, if not 20 seconds. Same for exhale. This is called controlling the breath. Practice by starting with 11 minutes and building to 31 or 62 minutes. It is likely that Guru Gobind Singh practiced for at least an hour at a time.

The whole posture and practice takes some time to perfect, but doing so will give you a strong and stable neutral mind, that views all with 'sehej' or equipoise.

Guru Rakha,

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How Did Guru Gorbind Singh Ji Meditate? (02/10/2001)
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