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Summary of Question:Can I Trim My Hair
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/23/1999 10:04 PM MDT


I was just wondering if you think it is "ok" for someone to practice sikh art,
(kirtan, gatka, simran) and still trim his hair and or beard.
Any responce would be greatly appreciated

** REPLY **

In my opinion, Sikhism was created as a guide for a healthy, happy, and holy life that will help you to stay connected with God. It is up to each individual to decide which of the Sikh guidelines are most important in helping them achieve this. If you do not feel that cutting your hair prevents you from leading the spirtual life that you want to live, then it is your decision to do so.

However, if you make this decision to cut your hair, I do not think it should prevent you from practicing other sikh arts that you enjoy and feel are valuable. These activities are rewarding no matter what you look like, and are not reserved only for certain people. The Gurus taught to be accepting and welcoming of all people as equals, and we must practice this. The Sikh arts are a blessing and it is wonderful to use them and make them your own practice.

God bless you and guide us all.

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