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Summary of Question:Power
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/10/2001 5:24 AM MDT

Wageguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.

I was just wondering about an answer on malik bhago. U spoke of the 9 treasures and 18 occult powers bestowed on the human. Could u pls tell me what these are.I've never heard of these before. I really like extending my thoughts on gursiki, to give myself a better understanding.

Thanks for all your help, effort and time.


Sat Siri Akal, Ji!

The 9 treasures include: precious metals, gems and jewels, delicious foods, training in the use of arms, beautiful clothing and various staples, trade in gold, trade in gems, mastery of fine arts, and all kinds of riches. Verse (pauri) 38 of the bani called Anand Sahib refers to the 9 treasures.

The 18 occult powers include:include the following abilities: (1) to assume another?s form, (2) to make the body larger or smaller, (3) to make the body miniscule, (4) to procure objects, (5) to read another?s thoughts, (6) to persuade all, (7) to fulfill the mind?s desires, (8) to become heavy, (9) to become immune to hunger and thirst, (10) to hear from afar, (11) to see from afar, (12) to travel as fast as thought, (13) to assume any shape, (14) to enter another?s body, (15) to die at will, (16) to meet with the gods, (17) to fulfill all desires, (18) to go anywhere unobstructed. The 18 occult powers are referenced in the "Rag Gujri, Guru Arjan" shabd that comes just before "So Purkh" in the bani called Rehiras Sahib.

Hope this helps! God bless you.


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Power (05/10/2001)
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