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Summary of Question:marriage
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/21/2000 11:59 PM MDT

I am A White female and my boyfriend is sikh male, i was wondering if it is ok that we are going to get married? his family knows about me except his parents (there in india) his sister knows about me but he wont let me meet her what is that about? i have met her kids and husband just not her. he recently proposed and i said yes we are both young and i just wanted to know if im disturbing his religion or disrespecting his culture in any way....?....

please respond
thank you


What you are dealing with is cultural, not religious. You should talk to other Indians about the way the family relates and is structured, it is very different than the west.
You should also try to learn about his religion so you will understand what you are getting into. You need to be sure. A lifetime can be pretty long.

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marriage (03/21/2000)
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