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Summary of Question:How Come Indian Sikhs Do Not Practice Yoga?
Date Posted:Friday, 3/12/1999 4:23 PM MST

How come Indian Sikhs do not practice Yoga?

The sacred science and technology of Sikh Dharma has been forgotten by many. The Sikhs did this because they were afraid of the Hindus, and of being identified as Hindus. Although Guru gave us a definite form and identity, many Sikhs wanted to be Englishmen and turned from the fundamentals. During the time of Guru Nanak, those who practiced yoga mostly did so to gain powers and control over other people. Guru Nanak was opposed to this and in fact, gave his own son to become a yogi so that those black practices could be stopped. However, the practice of yoga is integral to the Sikh way of life. We practice Raj Yog, which is the highest yoga. It is a yoga for householders and for people who want to experience the regal radiance of their own consciousness. Remember
that Guru Ram Das is the Raj Yog, the King of the Yogis. No one teaches the Indian youth about it because few know about it. The Sikhs became afraid and in that fear turned away from those things that make the Sikhs unique.

A Second REPLY
I would like to respectfully disagree with the question itself because it is very general.

I am 62+. In my single digit age, I remember we had a "Yoga room" in our house where my biological father (who was a very saintly person and a true Khalsa in every deed and action) used to teach me yogic excercises. I still practice some of these. And I am sure I am not the only non-european Sikh who does that.

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How Come Indian Sikhs Do Not Practice Yoga? (03/12/1999)
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