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Summary of Question:Why Don't Women Wear Turbans?
Date Posted:Saturday, 11/16/2002 10:01 AM MST

Now that I have clear understanding why sikhs wear turbans, the history and spritualty behind the turban I was curious as to why I have not seen any women sikhs wearing turbans as well.

- A question from an inquisitive youth.


Sat Siri Akal.

There is every reason to believe that women during Guru Gobind Singh's time wore turbans as Khalsa transcends gender and both men and women are bound by the same code and strive towards the same ideal of consciousness and action.

How and why women fell out of the habit of wearing turbans would be a great subject for a research project. However, in Sikh Dharma, women do wear turbans and consider it our priviledge and right to crown ourselves spritually every morning. If you are a young Sikh woman and really want to experience your soverignty, nobility, spiritualty and grace, wear a turban. You'll be amazed at what is does for you.

All love,


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Why Don't Women Wear Turbans? (11/16/2002)
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