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Summary of Question:Beyond My Comprehension
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Tuesday, 11/17/2009 12:37 PM MST

sat sri akal

it's a wonderful job u ppl have taken up.may u keep it up.i often read the ques and answers posted here.many a times i've read this path for 40 days,11times a day....the most recommended one's are'so purkh niranjan...''dhan dhan ram das gur..'as per my belief gurbani is all in we are guided towards god...and by singing gurbani we sing praises of akal purakh and moreover our gurus forbade us from all kinds of mantras and expectations for miracles,they wanted us to be practical...then why sticking to particular shabads for solving poblems,and why not nitnem followed by ardas and sehaj paath on regular basis? kindly illuminate my mind over this.


Sat Nam,
The answer to your question is very long.
I am going to try to summarize but please write again if you need further clarification.

The technology of Shabad Guru, Mantras and meditation is based on study of sound called technology/science of NAAD that has been offered to humanity by Sikhism. It is a five thousand year old study of sound and how it effects human brain.
We have 84 meridian points behind our upper teeth. There are directly connected into our brain. How we pronounce everything we say effects those points and consequently effects communication between our brain cells.
As you may know the communication between cells in the brain happen by juices or hormones. Our speech effects free flow of those juices. Different sounds produce different vibration, different combination of sounds can produce either harmful or positive effect on the brain. Tong position stimulates those points in combination with sounds to produce further effects. In a lot of cases poor pronunciation of certain sounds or certain bad patterns in our speech effect function of our brain in way that does not let us use it to the fullest capacity and subsequently effects the rest of our body and our consciousness as well.
Punjabi language and pronunciation was designed to be able to stimulate those points in the most efficient way. Further more all the Sikh scriptures were very carefully put together to produce the most desired effects possible.
Even further study of the individual Shabads of mantras helped to determined how specifically those combination of sounds will effect any human brain and how every human can use it to improve their life.

Further more, since brain also produces electromagnetic waves that have direct effect on our Aura, arc line, our mind projection our healing abilities our over all sense of well being reciting mantras and Shabads that match our vibrational need ultimately carries the potential of us becoming a super-sensory being. And not to mention helps us to be a very healthy and balanced individuals in every sense. So our scriptures are not always about what they literally say, but a lot more about the living vibration they produced when they are pronounced.

This technology is the biggest reason I am a Sikh and I believe I can speak for many of us here. It not only gives us hope of higher development but a promise as well. Yoga also is a big part of the equation. It helps us move energy in our physical body to facilitate the healing and spiritual growth together with the technology of Shabad Guru or NAAD.

It is very important to keep in mind that we all carry our very individual karmas and none of us really know the combination of things that effect our lives. When someone asks a question and tries to describe a problem we can only guess what Shabad or mediation or yoga set they should do to help redirect energy in their body and subsequently their life to get ultimate results. It is up to them to apply this technology to their life and see for themselves what effects it brings.

To answer another part of your question about timing I will try to give you as much information as I can.

As you know we have 11 Gurus. Ten of them who lived here in physical bodies and 11th being our scriptures.
Each of the ten Gurus is somehow responsible for different aspects of our lives. Some help us with protection, others with health, prosperity etc. There are all sorts of situations that people go to them for. It just helps us to connect to the answers in our lives through their individual energies rather than go straight to God which can feel ungraspable at times. They are just the vehicles to God, Infinity, and that divine vibration. They help us concentrate on our prayers to deliver us where we need to go... which is ultimately that same vibration within ourselves, the essence of our existence and our soul.

The reason we consider our scriptures to be the Guru and we are not encouraged in any way to ever bow to any living person is because when we bow to the Guru we bow to that living vibration that helps us succeed in life and reach our ultimate consciousness.

When we do Akand Paths is when the sound is produced and that is the moment that vibration comes to life. It absolutely does not matter who reads it for that vibration to come to life (though devotion makes that vibration reach many more hearts).

All prayers and meditations are about our intentions. Even if we recite something but do not keep clear projection we may not get all of the desired results or it will take us a lot longer to get them. I am sure that is understandable. When we recite something 11 times we cover the 10 aspects of life that our 10 Gurus are responsible for and 11 time is for the ultimate aspect of that living vibration within ourselves that summarizes all aspects of the universe.
When we recite something for 11 minutes we just locate an equal portion of time to all the aspects of the universe. This number can go into infinity if you want. If you recite a mantra 11 thousand times it will ultimately do the best it can for you at that time. Not to say that you can't still keep on doing it for ever.

And last but not least. There are also Yogic timings of all meditations.
Reciting a mantra or do an excersise for:
- 3 minutes will effect your circulation and blood stability.
- in 11 minutes the pituitary gland, your center of intuition and your nervous system will start feeling changes
- 22 minutes will balance your three minds (Negative, Positive and Neutral). They will start working together to change your mental integration.
- 31 minutes affects your whole mind, your aura and 31 Tattwas are balanced.
- 37.5 minutes reflect the whole aura to infinity and back, stimulating the perception of NAAD - the inner sound.
- 62 minutes will integrate your "shadow" mind and your positive projection.
- 2.5 hours is a complete cycle of prana and apana so what you gain will hold through the cycle of the day and it will hold the change in the subconscious. That is why we always aim to do our Sadhana in the Amrit Vela for 2.5 hours, to carry us through the day. That time of the day is the most effective to reach into our subconscious because of the angle of position of the sun. In combination with proper amount of meditation brings us the best results.

I just took all these numbers from a yoga manual called "The Science of Keeping up" based on the lectures by Yogi Bhajan. And this information comes from a lineage of Yogis who have studied all these things for thousands of years and can actually see the results and effects on any human being who follows these guidelines.

I know this is a lot of information to absorb at one time.
But please write if you have any further questions.


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