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Summary of Question:Low Self Esteem
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Monday, 12/23/2002 1:02 AM MST

my name is rakesh karan

i was told about this site by one of my sikh fiend. i need an advice
i am a 21 year old . i need to confess a problem i hva been facing fr quite some time now . i suffer foern low self esteem . i have a problem facing people
i get greatly consious when i face people especialy females. the situatin becomes that more embarrising when i go for a job interview . (especially when i face a female interviewer . i have no problems speaking with myslf (infront of the mirror).
this problem is gettin worse day by day as i need to find a job for myself &i need to support my family . also i have a lot of family problems. my mom& dad does not keep in good health.
is thre any remedy for this siatuation
awiting for your reply

Dear Rakesh Karan,

Do you read Japji on a daily basis? The Third Paure, which starts with Gaavai Ko Taan Hovai Kisai Taan and ends with Naanak Vigasai Vayparvaaho, when recited transforms insufficiency into sufficiency, turns depression into elevation, and transforms low self-esteem into complete self-confidence. Recite this pauri over and over 11 times every day for 40 days. If you feel a change happening within yourself, keep repeating it for another 40 days. Probably after 120 days, you will feel like a different person. You don't even have to be seating to repeat it. Once you memorize it, you can recite it while you are doing other things. It is good to be focusing on the Pauri, not watching TV, etc. But, you can be walking, or doing simple tasks around the house, like dishes, sweeping, etc. Let me know how it is working at [email protected] Allow the Guru's words to heal you. GTKK

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Low Self Esteem (12/23/2002)
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