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Summary of Question:Im Starting To Wear A Pagri To School Now
Date Posted:Monday, 8/18/2008 5:54 PM MDT

Im starting to wear a pagri to school and last year i wore a patka, what will the people at school say? im really nervous. i want to wear a pagri but i just want to know what i should expect on the first day of school when they all see me in a pagri.

i go to a private school.
i hav known about half of the grade for 2 years o far
the other half are new kids and dont know i attend this school.

Sat nam. Sikhs wear turbans to remind themselves and the world that they are sons of GUru Gobind Singh and hold to a standard of truth, justice, honesty, and clean living.
A pagri is so much better looking than a patka (although patkas are easier to wear for sports). Wear it proudly. I don't know how old you are, but it would probably help to have your teacher(s) support you in this, and have a chance to explain to your classmates WHY you wear this pagri and what it represents, and that it should be respected. It is a golden opportunity for the teachers and staff at your school to teach religious tolerance and acceptance, so see if you can arrange this or get your parents to assist.
Guru ang sang,

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Im Starting To Wear A Pagri To School Now (08/18/2008)
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