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Summary of Question:Gurbani Experiance !!!
Date Posted:Saturday, 1/02/2010 6:54 AM MST


Recently i was about die while reciting Sukhmani sahib i felt like thousands pins punches in my body i felt like my body is going up in air after that what i saw everything went black and i got scared i found myself on the same place !!!!!

Did you ever had this kind of experience i am scared now !!!!!!!!!!
no body believe me rather everyone makes fun of me !!!!
Please help should i recite some other bani !!!!


Sat Nam,

Your experience is not an unusual one. When reciting Gurbani or being in deep meditation we can experience unusual sensations. I don't think you were dying at all. Some things to do to prevent it is to make sure you ware your kara and ground yourself before the meditation. Imagine a cord extending all the way from the top of your head going down your spine and way down into the center of the Earth. Imagine tying it there to make sure that you are completely stable. You can also put your feet on the ground or into sand before and after your meditation to connect to Mother Earth.
If you ever have a similar experience in the future don't get scared, just explore the new state of being, see how it feels and get comfortable with it. It may just go away by itself. Or you can see if it takes you into an interesting space or realization. But if it gets to be too scary or too unusual just take your own hand and pinch yourself to bring yourself back into the body. Remember, you are the one in control.

Good luck meditating,


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Gurbani Experiance !!! (01/02/2010)
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