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Summary of Question:Reasons For Wearing A Turban
Date Posted:Monday, 3/03/2003 2:05 PM MST

Ive seen many replies that you have posted in response to reasons for wearing a turban. The response which has most intrigued me, is you saying that it opens the 10th or 12th gate in your head. Now I wouldnt say im a professor of Sikhism but this reason to the best of my knowledge has not been taught by the gurus, hence I dont believe you should be giving personal opinions on this site and making them look like the belief of Sikhism. Any response on a Sikh website should be categorically from a Sikh viewpoint and nothing else. I think these kind of comments are misleading and ultimately changing the faith from its pure form. The only truth in Sikhi can be found in the Guru Granth Sahib, any other books on Sikhism are open to innaccuracies. When you give your personal opinions you should make it clear, rather than make it look like the belief of sikhism.

Thank you (and no offense)

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No offense taken. I have reviewed the entire contents of this forum and I see no such reply here. I see several replies about the protection the turban offers, but nothing about it opening the dasam duar.


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