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Summary of Question:Can You Tell Me Anything About The Brahma Kumaris
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Saturday, 3/09/2002 3:48 AM MST

Some time ago I was following the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris: Amrit Vela,

vegetarian, celibacy and so on.
Now I see that what the BK's say are the five vices/evils are the same as in the Sikh religion. (As you maybe know the BK's claim that their teachings where
given by God when He entered Brahma Baba in 1936.)
It looks like the teachings of the BK's are merely a mixture of things taken from the Gita, Sikhism and so on.

How should one avoid lust according to Sikhism? As I understand it is ok to have sexual intercourse as long as it is within the marriage.

Thank you
The Brahm Kumari's are a split from the Hindu's. Thay have nothing to do with Sikhism. They have no history of spiritual revelation, which is blind in a worldly sense.

Lust...can be dealt with through endurance out of your meditation. In other words, go on this path of Sikhee, practice your religion and you will find control over your mind. The mind is fed by the emotions. When you live in your devotion(spiritual practice), you overcome your emotion.

If you wish more advice about controlling your sexual drive, do a search on the words: Sat Kriya. You will find a daily practice that will help you.

God bless you,

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Can You Tell Me Anything About The Brahma Kumaris (03/09/2002)
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