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Summary of Question:meditation
Date Posted:Wednesday, 7/12/2000 5:19 AM MDT

the whole of the Guru Granth Saheb Ji is filled with the merits of meditation ? But how can we learn it now?

It also says to find a teacher who can bring you to the beloved and fall prostrate at his feet. This is what it is referring to. Find a teacher who can give you the actual techniques to best use this priceless shabd.

Of course reciting Gurbani is good anytime, but there are techniques to develop and focus the meditative mind. Here is a simple but very powerful one.

Sit with crossed legs, spine straight. Either close your eyes or look at the tip of your nose (looking at the tip of the nose is better for this one). Inhale in a long slow breath. While you are inhaling mentally chant "Wha". As you slowly exhale mentally sound "Guru". Breathe through the nose only.

Do it for minimum of 11 minutes, up to 62 minutes.

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meditation (07/12/2000)
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