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Summary of Question:Regarding.. Turban Looks And Problems
Date Posted:Monday, 4/04/2005 5:14 PM MDT

In response to the comment made below on the topic of how hard it is for turbanned men to "just live thier daily life without having to be harrassed in front of their loved ones and ridiculed constantly everyday".... I think the comment below is a view showing that the turban is required. Amazingly some moderators respond in some recent replies to other questions saying things like well some sikhs who are clean shaven are good and some with kesh are bad and that we should just worry about ourselves and not others in how they view sikhi.

Well the whole point of topic was to address how guys who have a turban who are in college, who are beginning thier careers as professionals, and just young couples and young parents deal with the constant ridicule and mean stares and LAUGHS from the whole AMerican people. Let's face it, you can't eat a meal at McDonald's with your family and not be made fun, kids laughing and rude stares and taunts from teenagers- even verbal harrassment. It's embarrassing being with a turbanned person, its also annoying cuz it seems the daily harrassment received from everyone in everyday society is enough i think to cause mental tension and distress to someone wearing a turban. I mean how to live with this??????? How can someone truly deal with this? I don't think Guru ji wanted sikhs to be ridiculed to the point they can't enjoy walking the street for a walk without worrying about someone crazy hitting them or slurring them and cussing at them infront of their kids???????!!!!!! It's too much it seem, its TOO HARD to keep a turban nowadays. In Guru's time, kings wore turbans, so the Guru made us equal to the kings, now those wearing turbans are equal to Osama Bin Laden!!!!... So how do we deal with daily harassment if we follow our Guru and keep the turban? Why can't we enjoy a day in the park as most Americans do with their families and why do we have to be made fun and VERBALLY threatened and LAUGHED at if we decide to go to the park and just have fun with our wives and kids?????

Summary of Question: Re Turban Looks And Problems
Category: General Sikhism
Date Posted: Sunday, 4/03/2005 1:32 PM MDT

You know what I have heard the whole "what does it matter about kesh, if you have sikhi inside you, and you are good person" argument and "I believe that you can be a true sikh without ever taking amrit in your life" and "look at how so many Sikhs have become amritdhari, and are corrupt, so whats the point?" and of course the best of them all that "shouldn't we adapt and evolve as individuals and society (implying punjabi society) to best meet our environment, so in today’s information driven, highly commercial, intellectually charged 21st century, being clean shaven with a funky haircut is the only way to succeed"

And all I can say is you people’s immense stupidity will be duly rewarded in time, and then after you have reaped what you have sown will you thirst for sikhi.


Learning to deal with all of this is one of the basic points of wearing a turban. Who cares what other people say? What other people say or do will not make you closer to the Guru. Learn to look past all of this on the true meaning of life. Not some fleeting fashion.

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Regarding.. Turban Looks And Problems (04/04/2005)
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