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Summary of Question:Prayer For Problems "Subagh Kriya"
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/23/2010 2:58 PM MDT


I found this as a response to someone's question. I don't understand exactly how to position my hands. Can you please clarify?

Every day for the next 90 days...minimum, do this "subagh kriya".Sit in an easy crossed legged position. Set spine straight, relax your neck and head. Eyes are focused on the tip of the nose. Hands are out in front of you as though recieveing prasaad. Except do not cup the hands. You will be hitting the outsides of the hands aas you chant "har" and then hit the pointer finger sie of the hands and chant "har" again. Do this continuously for 11 minutes. Keep the thumbs out of the way. The hands hit solidly, somewhat hard.

Chant out loud as your focus your eyes on the tip of the nose with full concentration for 11 minutes daily for 90 days or more.

God bless you and keep up. I have seen marvelous results from this meditation.

I do not understand how to position my hands, how to hit them and use the pointer finger. I am confused. Thank you so much!


Sat Nam,
What they mean is that you just hit the edges of your hands together. When you it the first time your hands just come together on the sides like you were to receive prashad, and hit the other edge so the palms will face down making a little flat table of your hands. All along the sides of the pointer finger, but thumbs are kind of passive hanging down. They will hit each other but not as much and not so precisely all though you can align them to hit each other too it is not that important. So you just keep going back and forth, palms facing up, then palms facing down. It is like you get the prashad then let it go in your lap. It is not really about prashad though you can use that image. It is more like receiving the blessings from God and letting them go making your hands free again, creating continuous flow for prosperity.
I hope you are sitting in cross legged position and your hands are right in front of you on the level with your navel point.

I hope this clarifies it.

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Prayer For Problems "Subagh Kriya" (03/23/2010)
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