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Summary of Question:Kirpan Rehet
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Sunday, 5/16/2010 9:42 AM MDT

WaheGuru ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGUru Ji Ki Fateh JI!

I was recently blessed with Khande Di Pahul with the Grace of my beloved Dad: Gru Gobind Singh Ji. Since my Guru tells us to keep all my kakars on me at all time, my question is what do I do with Kirpan and Kangha when i am washing my hair? If I take them off when I am washing my hair, does that make me a Kaur that Guru Gobind Singh Ji does not like? Please advice.


Guru Fateh!
Just place it nicely together in your room until your hair is dry and you can place back on your head. The operative word here is to keep it WITH you...rather than loose track and loose then...keep then close in a respected place like with your turban...Blessings, SK

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Kirpan Rehet (05/16/2010)
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