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Summary of Question:Color Of Turbans
Date Posted:Monday, 3/05/2001 1:24 AM MST

Is there a specific meaning behind the color of turban worn? I have read that saffron is worn when a Sikh goes to an "agitation," but is there a meaning behind the other colors of turbans worn?

Sat Nam,
The color of turbans has minor meaning. In the Punjabi culture, the bright colors used for turbans signifies a sense of pride and dignity.

Saffron is normally worn by ascetics and devotees. When Sikhs's marry they usually wear bright red or pink turnbans for love of the heart or for passion. In the early 1900's the Akali's formed as a Sikh political group for improving Sikh rights. They identified themselves by wearing bright royal blue turbans...which are sometimes referred to as 'Akali blue'.

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Color Of Turbans (03/05/2001)
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