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Summary of Question:The Mystique Of Human Hair
Date Posted:Saturday, 11/16/2002 2:54 PM MST

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh

I have a question. I am doing a project on Baltej Singh Dhillon, the first Canadian RCMP officer who fought the right to wear a turban over the tradional "Mounti" hat. I came across an article that said

Holy Bible says in regard to the sanctity of human hair - the cardinal “K” of the Sikh Quintet, since the Biblical references both in realitypredate and sanctify the Gurus' commandment. Firstly, no depiction of nativity at Christmas is complete without the Three Wise Men from the East resplendent in their turbans. Jesus died on the Cross in full glory of his golden locks - as Man's “natural covering of the head” [Psa.68:21], for God Himself “takes care of the hair” [Luke.21:18]. In the Bible, black hair is “particularly esteemed” [So. of Sol.5:11]. Since the dawn of time, human hair has been “an emblem of wisdom” [Dan.7:9 with Job 12:12]. Sikhs who are taught to believe in God's Perfection, and the human body as a Divine gift, truly rejoice at the Bible associating the hair with “righteousness” [Pro.16:31] to be “reverenced” [Lev.19:32], “never to be cut or shorn” [Num. 6:5 Jud.16:17], “except in affliction, ”[Jer, 7:29] or “plucked out in extreme grief” [Ezr.9:3]; and by women to be “plaited and broidered,” “well set and ornamented [Isa.3:24] as insignia of beauty and dignity. The Sikh turban will surely lend to the RCMP an aura of honour and moral grandeur in the best Biblical tradition.

Erosion of the Sikh turban in India is also, sadly, a recent phenomenon viciously promoted - in civil and armed forces - by the state-controlled media in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi's assassination. If the British at all encouraged the turban, as integral to the army discipline, the present rulers are doing everything to discourage it. Indians - Hindu or Muslim - may have discarded the turban, once hallowed alike by royalty, saints and scholars. But culturally it continues to be the epitome of individual and collective honour. Those who cut their hair and run down the turban will do well to recall Lord Rama's topknot and beard [vide Bhavanrao Srinivasrao's “Picture Ramayana”, [published by Orient Longman] and the holy Prophet's single hair at Hazrat Bal in Kashmir.

We respectfully suggest that when people - here and abroad - see a Sikh, they should see a fellow human being in search of the True Spirit of God. Any talk of “national integration”, or “melting-pot” of cultures, must not degenerate into a game-plan for assimilation, for that will surely diminish God's Purpose in creating a universe of such infinite variety.

I found this at

So its not only the Sikhs who feel so stronly about human hair! I thought I'd share that because its quite cool!

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh


Sat Nam. I agree, "quite cool" - thanks! SP

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The Mystique Of Human Hair (11/16/2002)
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