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Summary of Question:Not A True Sikhni
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Tuesday, 10/01/2002 11:41 AM MDT


I dont think that I am a true sikh girl only because of the things that I have done and continue to do. For example, I cut my hair, shave my legs, eat meat, i used to smoke but I stopped, I occasionally drink, and I've had sex and still continue to kiss and do things with guys but not have sex. The thing is I only do this outside my house...but when I'm at home I try to be good. I'll listen to gurbani and do patt once in a while. Am I cheating myself on being Sikh? I need some serious advice. I told one of my friends this (she's white) and she said that maybe the reason why I do this is cause I've been here in the US all my life since I was 1 and I try to do the whole east/west cutlture thing. East to indian and west to be american but its not working. Its hard live here in the western society when ur indian. But, anyways can u tell me wat I should do to improve my life.
Thank You,

(REPLY) Sat Nam. I don't think you'll like my answer, but here's what I think would help you if you sincerely want to improve your life: first of all you, have copied the worst of American behavior. That is stupid. A graceful, spiritual woman of any culture with self respect does not smoke and drink and have sex outside of marriage (and that includes fooling around and kissing and petting). Be who you really are, and quit trying to fit in withthe low grade actions of many western girls. You deserve better than that. I was born in America, and I will be grateful to my dying day that I learned about Sikh values in this lifetime! What are you trying to prove by your silly behavior? Does it feel right and righteous to you? Well, stop it. That's it. Just stop it. Make a decision to fully be a daughter of Guru Gobind Singh and live as Khalsa (whether or not you take Amrit is not what I'm talking about) I mean to live Pure. The past is over. Forget it, and don't regret it, but don't repeat it. Start from this moment forward and determine that you have the power to be a strong, effective, respected woman, and live to that. blessings and best wishes, SP

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Not A True Sikhni (10/01/2002)
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