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Summary of Question:Re: What Are Neeldhari's ?- A Second Reply
Date Posted:Tuesday, 6/27/2000 12:17 AM MDT
All the sects: Neeldhari, Whitedhari's, and some more. I think why we disagree with them is because they bend (show respect)to Sants instead of Guru Granth Sahib ji- As Shri Gobind sahib said that sikh should not bow to any one else then Shri Guru Granth Sahib. But, doesn't it says in gurbani that sant(Sadh) ka sang wadbagi payia and many other lines which state that a Sant is form of the God himself. And God is himself in Sadhs(sants) heart. And all sants do talk and preach about God and gurbani. They are way better than most of us. Then why we don't accept them? They do follow gurbani and bend to gurbani. And a comment: I really didn't like the way the second response was given. It doesn't matter's if it's any sect, you don't have to criticize it. He could have said it's another branch of our religion who have a sant or you know in a polite way.
Dear one, you are so right. I think that you are referring to the "Namdhari's. And yes, you should be polite and respectful of their faith and devotion. Better not to judge others and focus on your own practice. Spend your judgement on how to improve your own life and devotion. God bless you.

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