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Summary of Question:In Response To Eating Meat
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Tuesday, 11/17/2009 3:00 PM MST

I just wanted to weigh in and respond to the original post about where Guru Sahib warns of the dangers of eating meat. Rather than sit here and type everything out, I will direct you to a post that a Gursikh friend recently posted online in response to a similar inquiry complete with numerous quotes. You may view that here:

Another excellent resource is a book by the late panthic scholar Bhai Sahib Joginder Singh Talwara entitled, "Why Kill a Chicken" which is written entirely written in English with additional gurbani quotes. An excellent resource for our young people who may have questions. Bhai Sahib really does a good job at walking the reader through the issue point by point and one thing that really struck me is how he emphasizes not to look at just one line of Gurbani but too pay attention to the entire context in which it is written, that is what it says before and after a particular line (i.e the entire shabad). You should be able to find this book from any reputable Sikh bookseller but it is available online as well...

At the end of the day though, people will make their own decisions and I figure who am I to judge? We will all have to answer one day in the afterlife in the court of Akhal Purakh. Just my two cents...


Thank you, this is an excellent research.


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In Response To Eating Meat (11/17/2009)
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