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Summary of Question:Dancing
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Monday, 6/07/1999 2:30 AM MDT



I have a question about dancing? Is it right for a Khalsa to dance? for example, at parties and functions, is it ok for a khalsa to join in for a bit of bhangra? Are there any forms of dancing allowed? I noticed that at Gurmustak Singhs wedding, there was plenty of dancing. Please set me on the right path.

S Singh.

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Dancing covers many activities. Bhangra is a very healthy activity. Dirty dancing (like in the movie Dirty Dancing) is nothing but an excuse to have a form of sex in public. Then there are a lot of variations in between.
In all your activities try to keep your rules of grace as a Khalsa. That girl is someone else's wife unless she is yours. Keep your energy and hands to yourself and have fun. LSK

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Dancing (06/07/1999)
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