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Summary of Question:Re: Makeup
Date Posted:Friday, 6/11/1999 4:36 AM MDT
waheguru ji ka khalsa,
waheguru ji ki fateh.

well about makeup, i seriously don't think Guruji said that you cant wear makeup or jewelry etc. to adorn your body. I mean think about it all Gurmat tell us is to live our lives as good human beings and by applying makeup you don't change yourself in any way. Gurujis themselves wore diamonds,pearls etc. and I'm sure if makeup or rings or chains etc make you look better, there is nothing wrong with it. I think it is just wrong to change your body.... like cutting hair, piercing excessively etc.

But as always this is just my opinion.....and everyone has a right of their own opinion.

In self-evaluating our actions, it is equally important to examine the intention and motivation, as it is to examine the objective nature of the act. Modesty and moderation are important values within Dharma (as compared with egoistic displays and seduction for the admiration of others). Each person would have to look within to understand what is really going on. Then, there is the issue of low or damaged self-esteem. If makeup, etc. are employed artificially in order to compensate for problems in self-esteem, the the real issue of inner well being should be cared for and nurturance found within the mind in relation to our Guru and with our fellow beings. Makeup and use of clothing as a fashionable facade may only add more diversion and neglect to possible, underlying issues of inner, mental well-being. The important thing to consider is, <How is the mind involved?, and What affect does this have on the life of the heart and the soul of the person (and the others surrounding that person)?>

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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