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Summary of Question:Son Not Keeping Turban As An Identity
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Tuesday, 9/01/2009 1:50 PM MDT

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa

Wahe Guru ji ki fateh

I have a 20yrs old son studying in New york, he was seven month old when I came to US. All his school years he tied a dastar but recently he been tying his hair in a bun in the back...this breaks my heart and don't know how reach out to my son. I tell him that he needs to pratice Turban but all says is that I don't have the same beliefs as you. Acc. to him a being a Sikh doesn't mean you have to tie turban.

Pl, advice me how to talk him into making the right choice.

Sat nam. A 20 year old man is old enough to make his own choices. It is time for you to let him. You cannot force him to believe as a Sikh, this is a choice he must make for himself. So perhaps the issue is how you can let go so that he can live his life. You risk pushing him farther away by making it an issue. No doubt your view has been communicated to him--this is important. Saying it once is enough. Now it is for you to practice simran for yourself so you can attain sukhsehej in this matter. And a great paath for you to do for your son in his name is Poota Maata Kee Asees.
Guru ang sang,

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Son Not Keeping Turban As An Identity (09/01/2009)
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