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Summary of Question:Shabad
Date Posted:Tuesday, 11/07/2000 7:38 AM MST

my question is about shabad which i forgot if you can email me there two of them #i is tati bao na lagai and other one is ja tu mere bal hai thank you

1. Bilaval Mahela Panjavaa(5th Guru) Pg. 819 in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Taatee vaa-o na laga-ee parabram saranaa-ee..............

The hot winds do not touch me, the Supreme Lord is my sanctuary.............

This shabd brings protection and eliminates insecurities.

2. Pauri-Maru dhakhaneh Vaar Mahelaa Panjavaa (5th Guru) Pg.1096 in Siri Guru Granth Sahib- -Pg.162 in the Amrit Kirtan

Jaa tu(n) merai val hai, taa ke-aa mohchandaa. Tudh sabh kich maino sope-aa jaa teraa bandaa.
When You o Lord are on my side, what service do I owe anybody? When I become Thy slave, you entrust everything to me.

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Shabad (11/07/2000)
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