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Summary of Question:People Who Posted The Earlier Posts
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Friday, 6/06/2003 5:58 PM MDT

this post regards the people who have been raising the hue about the sikh gals and boys gone bad. I agree with both of you but we should try to confront the problems rather than confront each other. I agree there are sikh gals who do bad actions but there are sikh guys too who do it. But the point here is that it is difficult for a turbaned sikh guy to hook a random gal than a sikh gal who would try to mix up with the so-called hip community. the essence of discipline guruji wanted us to have was that we have a look so different from the world that we are not victims of what i would say the circumstancial events which are always working to absorb us into itself thus making us oblivious. Now to be blunt enough i would say if a guy can't go around with a turban and a gal atleast in uncut hair then u are not worthy of being sikhs beacause u can't even dare to be different forget about daring to make a change in your life. I am not in favour of fanaticism but tell me is coloring your hair in accordance with the principles of simplicity endorsed in sikhi. Try to be simple in life and try out to be divine instead of contesting this race of surpassing westerners in style and coolness which i guess is nothing but immorality. I would like to remind you of guru nanak dev ji's shalok "Shubh amla bajo dono royi" in which he refers to hindus and muslims. in todays world an alternative interpretation would be relevant for the boys and girls.

I can tell you about umpteen youth i have met who are devastated emotionally ( although they may not admit it) when they do all these actions like one night stands and stuff. Your conscience will haunt you when somewhere in your mind you know you did something which your parents , your religion and anyone sane doesn't profess. This feeling of guilt is hard to overcome. But try to be a sikh and be disciplined with sikhi principles and see for yourself what positive change you'll bring to your life and that of the people you deal with.
Gurfateh and may we all be good sikhs.


I have been reading the various posts about Sikh guys and gals, which have been very interesting. So far, I have just submitted them to be read by all of you. After some thought, I have a couple of reflections.
First- Western Society has given us many challenges and temptations, which are eating away at the foundation of a sane and human society. The stability of our families is crumbling along with our values. This is a challenge everyone is facing...not just Sikhs, but all religions and paths. It is hitting the youth the hardest. If youth of all paths were to meet together, they would probably be saying much the same as you all are.
Second - Western Society has also given us many wonderful freedom of choice and more equality for all people, no matter what their religion, skin color, way of life, or gender. (I say "more" here because we aren't there yet, but we are much closer...and we are way ahead of most other parts of the world.)This Western Society has also given us more opportunities to live a healthy, constructive life. The double edge sword of it all is that we have so many choices...maybe too many choices.
Third - We all must experience what is best for us from the inside. We are in the cusp of the Aquarian Age...from the Piscean to the Aquarian. The Piscean is holding on with all its might. There is more violence, corruption, insanity than ever before. But the dawning of the Aquarian Age is coming, where true humanity and sanity will reign for 3000 years. You all will see and experience the beginning anyway of this Golden Age. Have faith and keep your sights on the signs of its coming. There are many signs. Look for them.
Fourth - Prepare yourself now. Examine from within who you are; what is your True Identity, not from what the "hip-hop society" tells you, but from your truest inner self. Have the courage to be that self. It may reflect some of the traditional, some of the contemporary. Embrace the positive of both.
Fifth - Make use of all of those choices. Instead of embracing all of it or none of it, keep what's right for you and reject what isn't.
Sixth - Be accepting of yourself and others. Judgement and criticism are the errors of the Piscean Era. But, you can use your life as a model - not to be self-righteous or "preachy" (that was the Piscean way as well), but to live your life with so much love and enthusiasm that it is uplifting to yourself and others. Allow your light to shine from within; others will be attracted to that light and want to know how you got it.
Seventh - Enjoy life. Its way too short to stress. Open your heart and love, which is the most important thing of all.

May God and Guru guide and bless you all. GTKK

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People Who Posted The Earlier Posts (06/06/2003)
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