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Summary of Question:Reply To Yoga Is Sikhism
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Thursday, 9/12/2002 7:55 AM MDT

I like Avinash had great Sikh friends in India and still do. I also experience the same feelings that Avinash has when I come across Sikhs in North America. We too regarded Sikhs/Hindus from Punjab as Punjabis when in School, that doesn't mean we equate them as being the same religon, just from the same state and have a similar way of talking and fighting (Punjabis Hindus or Sikhs are really boisterous!!)

My career took me to all parts of the world and in the begining whenever I saw a Sikh I was instantly reminded of India and home!! I would want to ask where in India he lived and if there were Indian restaurants, etc in that city. I wouldn't really feel that way if I saw another brown person as I couldn't be sure if they were from India.

Punjab is indeed a great state and Punjabis are indeed vibrant, hard working and fun filled people. I see the successful entrepreneurial skills of Punjabis in different parts of India & Abroad. I feel that State Govts in India should compete with each for projects from big Industrial Houses and people like Ambanis, Infosys, Wipros should setup projects in different regions of India. Growth should be spread all over and all States peoples have unique skills that can be utilized.

My family (Gujarati speaking) too had leave to leave everything in Karachi and move to India. I fully agree with the person who replied (YOGA IS SIKHISM) about the situation in Punjab after Partition. Punjab took the worst hit.

As for the Politicians in Punjab, I cannot understand how the people can now elect a Congress Govt when the 1984 Riots in Delhi were instigated, supported by Congress Politicans. Rajiv Gandhi made the most disgusting comment about a Tree falling... . Why would the people elect them? Were HKL Bhagat and others ever brought to justice? If the law in India did not course, why did the people of Punjab reward a party that was the prime reason for the riots?

I agree the Central Govt should have tried other means like cutting of the electricity/ water rightaway and wait forever rather than mount a military operation. However, that is way of the Central Govt, never care about Sikh or Hindu feelings, only to Muslims would they serve Biryani when they take a religious place hostage!!

As for the Riots themselves, it is true that they are blot on Hindu society and only a misguided people will fall on their own blood like that. As the majority, I believe that my fellow Hindus should not have attacked any Sikh as would the Hindus have attacked fellow Hindus if the killer of this Indira woman had been a Hindu? I agree that these wounds from internecine fights take a long long time to heal. Look at the millions of cases pending in Indian courts, the fight between brothers seem to last forever and are the most bitter as there is severe internal pain because of feelings of betrayal.

My advice to Avinash is to be a better hindu and follow the path of 'Sarva Dharma..' and to continue to respect his Sikh friends and neighbors in India as he did in his childhood. We share the same outlook in many ways and Sikhs never convert anybody and accept you as you are . Do not discuss any politics with Sikhs here. Just remember your friends and experiences in India.


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