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Summary of Question:Correction On Turban
Date Posted:Monday, 7/02/2001 9:02 PM MDT

In your reply you said that it's up to Sikh women to wear turban or not and you also said that Sikh women haven't wore turban in last 300 years but I would like to make correction that Guru Ji ordered Khalsa to wear Turban including women. Khalsa is man and woman both. Guru Granth Sahib says:

Kangha Dono Waqat Kar, Paag Chune Kar Bandhye

Comb your hair twice a day and take oof turban by taking off every single palla and same to wear. Do not take it off as a hat. Guru Ji ordered us notto wear hat

Sikh Hoe Sir Topi Dhare, Saat Janam Kushti Hoe Marre

A Sikh who wears hat shall die seven lives with illness of Kohar

Guru Ji wore turban on Mata Bhago's head and Rani Sadda Kaur wore turban. Women in Khalsa college used to wear turban until 1930's. Guru Ji's Hukam is for everyone, every Khalsa. Women and Men both have same five Kakkars, same Rehts and same rights. So how can we be so selfish and let women decide whether to wear turban or not. Then how can they be easily recognized in thousands. Turban is MUST although its not Kakkar but this is the way to keep hair clean and safe. In Guru Granth Sahib God has long hair, handsome face, nose, eyes and wears turban. You can also read Rehatnamas. Turban is for every Khalsa and same Rehat. Women must wear turban.

When British was trying to take over Punjab, they always wondered what is it, that they can't be beaten and are so brave. Hindu Dogras told them that it's religious unity or Panthic Eekta and Guru Gobind Singh's Amrit that keep them together and gives them power. Then British bribed some Men who used to be in Panj Pyare. They started preaching and giving Amrit with Turban once and then another time without the turban. So people got confused and Sikhs forgot the Rehat. Not all Panj Pyare did it and took bribe. But this is what I read in the book written by Bhai Rama Singh Ji and they were probably hindus who became Sikhs. Sikhs didn't keep the Rehat completely and lost the Raj. We shall get Khalsa Raj again by keeping the Rehat and without the Rehat one can't be Sikh. Khalsa shall rule but we have to become real Khalsa and one same Khalsa. Without the turban women wouldn't be same as men 'cause then women would have different personality. Please disregard my mistakes and start keeping Rehat of Guru Ji then Raj

will be at our feet.

Guru Ka Sikh
Raj Karega Khalsa


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Kee Fateh.

THANK YOU for the correction and the details!

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