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Summary of Question:Showin Gof Ur Sikhi
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/21/2001 12:43 PM MDT

sat sri skal

my question is regarding showing off ur sikhi....
i have a thick silver chain and i put a silver khanda for a pendant and someone told me thats wrong becuase i cant show off sikhi or the khanda.
i have khanda shirts and everyone says u shouldnt wear it to shoow off.
My questiion really is can u show off sikhi even though u trim ur dari and ur not a true sikh.?
Please help me on this question thanx


Sat Siri Akaal.

"Showing off" Sikhi is not really the issue. Either you are or you are not Sikh, there is nothing to 'show off' or flaunt.

For those who wear the form given by 10th Master, that is showing one's identity outwardly; there can be no mistake. Perhaps people are offended that you/whoever identify with Sikhi but do not keep the full identity of a Sikh, and this is why they say 'you shouldn't show this off." I don't know.

Wearing a khanda to indicate affinity with the Sikh faith is perfectly OK. Just because you (or whoever) are not keshdhari Sikh doesn't mean you can't wear a khanda. The khanda is a very powerful symbol, but there is no rule that says only keshdhari Sikhs can wear it.

Guru ang sang,

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Showin Gof Ur Sikhi (08/21/2001)
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