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Summary of Question:What should i do to medetate my mind on gurbani, path?
Date Posted:Thursday, 1/27/2000 7:10 PM MST

I am true sikh follow most of the guru's ways to led a simple life, but whenever i do path my mind always on others kind of stuffs like (watching movies or T.V).As the life of teenager in India i never do path even my mom is Amritdhari.But when i came to united states, than i started to know the true meaning of sikhism on the other hand some peoples don't. So can you tell me that at what time should i do path in the morning and in the evening?

P.S tell me about how you suugest me.



Amrit Vela is the ideal time for path, but anytime is good. If you do it at the same time every day you will find it easier in the long run. It's normal for the mind to wander during meditation. When that happpens try to gently bring it back to the bani. It is more important to keep meditating than to worry about how perfectly you are doing it. If you have a habit of meditating, that will carry you through rough times.
Congratulations on keeping you dharma in the face of all the temptations of Maya.

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What should i do to medetate my mind on gurbani, path? (01/27/2000)
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