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Summary of Question:Response To Why We Wear Turbans
Date Posted:Thursday, 4/10/2003 5:04 AM MDT

I would like to respond to the point on why we wear turbans.

It was said that we should not add our own views or we will end up like Christians.

On the contrary, Sikhism is a very unique phenomena. Guru Gobind Singh told us to wear the 5 kakkars. He never had to elaborate on why we wore a kangha, which HAD to be wooden, or a karra which HAD to be sarab loh.

we were given a hukamnama from the guru saying "keep your hair". that is all the reason we should need.

HOWEVER, sikhi is the thinking mans religion. i read on the taksaal website that a wooden kanga has been proven by science to minimise static buildup or something similar.....and a sarabloh kara will diffuse small amounts of iron into the blood stream.

in a similar way, we are told to think hard on why we are on this earth, what we have been told and why we do things. the Guru Granth Sahib Ji makes many subtle references to keeping hair (eg "use your hair as a chauri to dust the feet of the saints") because a) it was not a big thing at the time and b) the Guru Granth Sahib Ji is not only for sikhs but for all of man kind - there are no Khalsa specific parts of hte Guru Granth because any person of any religion can learn from it and apply it to our lives.

we do not need to worry about become like christians, because sikhi is in a different league to christianity altogether.

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Response To Why We Wear Turbans (04/10/2003)
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