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Summary of Question:About Doing Nitname
Date Posted:Sunday, 12/26/1999 12:13 AM MST

i am an amritthari gursikh.i do my nitname rgularly but some times when i am travelling or am engaged in some college work in the evenings i miss my nit name.but i keep count of the nitnames missed and then on the following days do extra nitnames untill i have finished the pending nitnames.and this i do only when i have no other not doing nitname on any day is a "kuraiht".is the thing i am doing right?please throw some light on this doubt of mine.thankyou.

waheguru ji ka khalsa
wahe guru ji ki phateh


Dear One:

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
We cannot be fanatic. We can be faithful. Your approach to doing Nitnaym is fine. You are sincere in wanting to do it daily, and you make every effort to do it daily. Life happens. Sometimes despite our best efforts, we cannot get to nitnaym. Do your best. It is not a 'sin' and you do not have to be baptized again and start over. Your commitment is strong and will grow with your sincere attention and practice. What will then happen is that your life will settle itself around your practice, and you will find that you miss nitnaym less and less.

PS: A number of Sikhs use the time in an airplane to read nitnaym, or use bani recordings and recite while driving. It is not the ideal situation, but it is better than not reciting Nitnaym at all.
guru rakha,

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About Doing Nitname (12/26/1999)
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