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Summary of Question:When To Pray
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/03/2011 5:42 AM MST

Hello, I live in Melbourne, Australia and unfortunately I can't find a answer to my question. There are many Paath's in Sikhism but I don't know which is done during which time of the day or night. I only do Kirtan Sohilaa at night time but incase I wish to do others I am unsure. I would also like to know what the benefits of praying are.

All is written in the download book on to the Sikh way of life.
There are so many books to read, and people to speak with. Reach out and search.

In morning: or Amrit Vela(nectar hours 2 1/2 hours before sunrise) do:

Jap Ji
Jaap Sahib
Tav Prasaad Swaya
Anand Sahib
Benti Chau-paee

Rehiras Sahib

Night Kirtan Sohila

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When To Pray (02/03/2011)
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