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Summary of Question:Afterdeath
Date Posted:Thursday, 6/22/2000 12:47 AM MDT

where in gurbani does it talk about after death??


Dear One:

Sat Siri Akal. Gurbani never explicitly discusses what happens to someone AFTER death. There are MANY many references in Gurbani to avoiding the 'rounds of births and deaths' -- which refers to re-incarnation -- through meditation on the Naam. There are also many references to an aspect of Waheguru known as "Dharam Raj" or "Dharam Rai". Both mean "Lord of the Law." In Gurbani, the Lord of the Law is the One who judges the actions we did in our earthly life, and determines if we must reincarnate again.

There are also many references in Gurbani to finishing one's earthly existence by merger in Waheguru, as a result of devotion, seva, and simran during one's earthly life.

Finally, the most important thing to understand about Sikhi is that it is a religion of the PRESENT. Whosoever lives his or her PRESENT (each and every moment) in the Khalsa way is guaranteed liberation when their Spirit sheds the earthly form of the body (dies).

I hope this information serves you. Guru Rakha,

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Afterdeath (06/22/2000)
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