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Summary of Question:Concentration
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/22/2001 3:49 PM MDT

hi, i seem to be having problems with concentrating when reading my prays, i feel very guilty but i can't help my mind drifting off and thinking others things.I am closing my eyes on the parts where i know the words off by heart and this helps but then once again when i read, my mind automatically thinks of others things.I have always had a problem with concentrating so i was wondering if u could suggest anything that will be of help.Thankyou.


Dear One:

Sat Siri Akal. Your problem as you state it is common for many of us. It helps to do paath in a quiet, meditative space, where outside distractions are minimal. You might try reading paath in English (there are many translations available, and you could search this site for versions:
That might help you concentrate to know/learn the meaning in another language.

I recommend you take up a meditative practice to improve your concentration. Over time meditation will do that for anyone. Please search this Youth forum using keywords "concentration" and "meditation" for already-answered queries similar to yours today. Good luck.

Guru Rakha,

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Concentration (05/22/2001)
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