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Summary of Question:Sikhs In The U.S. Army With Turbans?
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/06/2003 9:09 PM MDT


My question is that the United States Army's rules to join the army is that one has shave and get a crew cut. What does it say about practicing one faith? I recently found out that a Sikh man named Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind had served in the U.S. army during World War 1 with his turban.
So if a turbaned Sikh applies to the U.S. army and tells them about Bhagat Singh Thind and how he served in the army with his turban will they allow him to practice his faith? If this is true then shouldn't they allow Amric Singh Rathour to serve as a NYPD officer?


It is true that as Sikhs, we are being discriminated against in those professions. If you really want to serve in one of them, then do your best to fight for it. My son was living in Florida, became a paramedic and couldn't find a job because of his beard. He moved to New Mexico, where paramedics can have beards. Do your homework, but never sacrifice your values for a job. Guru will cover you. Times are changing. Be patient and work toward your goals. GTKK

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Sikhs In The U.S. Army With Turbans? (05/06/2003)
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