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Summary of Question:What Is The End Of Meditation
Date Posted:Sunday, 10/22/2000 2:48 AM MDT


There is no end to meditation. You meditate to clear your mind and open your channels of intuition and God consciousness. This is a daily process.

Each day you meditate and each day your mind collects more garbage and distractions that need to be cleansed or filtered out through meditation.

You can start meditating and your mind will fill with thoughts. Keep up until you are can feel clear of the thought deluge and you feel Wahe Guru. It requires practice to do and practice to know when you have reached your goal. Ususally, you meditate for 3 minutes, 11 minutes, 31 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 1/2 hours. You meditate on a breath or a mantra.

Start doing your meditation for 40 days at the same time every day for the same length of not miss a day or you must start over at day #1 again. See what your experience is. Keep a journal and make notes every day on your experience. This is a fun project.

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What Is The End Of Meditation (10/22/2000)
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