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Summary of Question:Is There A Style Of Pattka Unacceptable To Wear?
Date Posted:Tuesday, 7/16/2002 9:39 AM MDT


First of all, fantastic job done here on the net. It has answered a lot of doubts that I've had, and made me more proud to be Sikh.
I'm a university student in a European town where Im the only Sikh, and I wear my turban and keep my beard.
Only problem is, when I wear my pattka, instead of tying my jura on the front - as I normally used to do it - I wear the jura at the back, making the pattka look like a bandana, to look a little more "normal".
Of course, I've no problem tying the big turban, and Im proud to explain to my peers what Sikhism is all about, and why I practise it.
Although I still wear the pattka - is this acceptable in Sikhism to tie the jura at the back and wear a bandana-style patta?
Thank you for your time in this.
And once again, fantastic effort! Guru Fateh

It is better to wear a proper turban. Tieing your hair at the top of your head is said to allign all of your chakras and bring your energy to your 'tenth gate' and/or 'crown chakra'.
Also a full paag is part of our Bana as Sikhs. (one of the four 'pillars' of Sikhism: Bana, Bani, Seva and Simran). My personal feeling is also that Guru Ji is mostly beyond our intellectual understanding, obviously much wiser than we are, and though we may not always be able to fully understand the reasoning behind Guru's guidance, I trust that whatever Guruji has given is the best thing and has some reasoning behind it, whether I can understand it or not.

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Is There A Style Of Pattka Unacceptable To Wear? (07/16/2002)
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