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Summary of Question:General Sikh Rules
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Monday, 7/07/2003 10:53 AM MDT


I'm not a Sikh but my friend at school is. She has to do things that we do not do such as she does not shave her legs for sport. This doesn't bother me and I am very open to learn about other religions but other girls in our school tease her. She never defends herself. I was wandering if I knew more about the religion I could explain to the others and they might not tease her if they understand. Can you help me?


Thank you for asking that means you are a true friend. Sikhs belive as do many faiths that we come in gods image and as such we are perfect representations and if you think about it why would god make us all imperfect. So we keep the hair on our bodies out of such respect to god.

Your friend is also courageous and need to know that you know and will support her.

So here are the basics

1. Maintain the 5 K

Kesh - Hair so we dont shave
Kunga - Comb to keep in one hair that represents good grooming and cleanliness
Kucha - Undergarments to be chaste and modest
Kara - Steel bracelet worn on the right hand so as to reming one to do pure things and remember god
and Kirpan - A small dagger cerimonial nowadays but in times of old to remember to protect the meek and helpless and to remind sikhs of their duty to be just and fair.

2. We do not pray to any idols but worship a single god who has no shape or form. We believe that truth is his name. We are commanded to live a truthful living - to not cheat or steal or live by such means

3. We are to work and share with people less fortunate and not be judgemental.

4. We are to give 10 percent of our imcome or as much as wee cane to support the free kitchens in our Gurudwaras - also called Sikh temples.

we beleive in total equality
men, women, all colors, all races, all sizes shapes are equal

We also believe that all people are free to choose their faith and maintain it .. that is why all our Grurdwaras have 4 doors to represent all directions and faiths. we will protect all people and their rights to worship in any way they choose.

I hope that is good starting point for you. Maybe you can tell your friends whay she does not shave her legs and maybe they will start to not tease her. As youknow teasing people can be very hurtful.

Many blessings to you


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