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Summary of Question:I thought different
Date Posted:Friday, 4/16/1999 9:39 AM MDT

I thought the reason we did not cut our hair was that it was the source of our strenght....

PS What is the reason for a kara...

Sat Nam, Hair is not the "source" of energy, but it is a conductor of energy, and like an antenna -- it draws more energy to you. That's one of the reasons that when one has long hair, one combs it up to the top of the head, so that the energy will be focused in the higher centers of consciousness. then at night, when work is done, you "let your hair down."
the Kara is a symbol of two things, 1) it's like a "slave" bracelet, indicating you belong to God, and 2) the circle represents infinity. It also is a reminder to stop your fist from harming anyone (unless in defense) -- but if you have to use the first, the kara is a weapon as well! (Of course, the wearing of a kara is one of the outer symbols of being a Sikh.) Symbology is not a small thing, it has a lot of power. Blessings, SP

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I thought different (04/16/1999)
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