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Summary of Question:Why I Cry
Date Posted:Sunday, 10/14/2001 12:27 PM MDT

Over the past few months when I attend the gurdwara I always end up crying, if listening to kirtan or even paath. My punjabi is not all that good i try my best to understand what is being said, even if I dont know i still end up in tears!!! I like the sound of kirtan so much that i listen to it all the time and i feel at ease, but why do I cry

What does this mean.


Sat Sri Akal,

Why do you cry? It is because you are in love with Waheguru. You don't need to understand Gurbani to get the effects of it (though it is best if you can!). When you see someone you love (like your parents) after a very long time, you will probably cry. In the same way, when you meet with Waheguru you cry because there is so much love involved. Do not be ashamed or embarassed by it, I find that it means you have very strong faith in Waheguru.

I admire your strong attitude in going to Gurdwara and trying to understand.

Gur Fateh,

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Why I Cry (10/14/2001)
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