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Summary of Question:Nishan Sahib
Date Posted:Friday, 5/21/1999 7:33 PM MDT

I went to a brand new Gurdwara recently that did not have the Nishan Sahib. I would like to know the true meaning of the Nishan Sahib and the reason why any Gurwara should have it? I have always seen on in all the Gurdwara's I have visited and I am confused why this particular Gurdwara refused to display the Nishan Sahib.


The Nishan Sahib identifies the location of a Gurdwara. The tradition of having a Nishan Sahib began with Guru Amar Das.

The Sikh flag was conceived of by Guru Nanak Dev, who is said to have brought it from the kingdom of God. Guru Hargobind officially put it up in front of a Gurdwara and Guru Gobind Singh formalized its use. The flag is known as Nishan Sahib. Traditionally this flag has a yellow/orange triangular shape, and bears the Adi Shakti symbol or Sikh Khanda, representing the primal force of God.

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Nishan Sahib (05/21/1999)
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