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Summary of Question:Romantic Relationship
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/29/2000 8:45 AM MDT

I am a Sikh, I try by best to fulfill the requirements of Sikhism, I follow the roads that our Guru Ji's have made for us in order to live our life to reach the Lord. But our "man" (mind)is very motile. Its goes from one place to another to another. This question may get some people heated. I like to apologize in advance to anyone i offend. I have fallen in love, he is also sikh. All my life i have studied and lived with my parents. Now i am 19 yrs old, i still don't know much, but i can't control my mind and i have fallen in love. I am confused about how I am suppose to deal with this? I have tried to read gurbani and find an answer but i have failed. If anyone knows the answer please help me out.


Dear One:

Sat Siri Akaal. Sorry for the delay.

There is so much on Sikhnet Youth Forum site about young love. Search it under the category "love & marriage" for you will find many posts/replies by young women in your shoes, and that should give you plenty of guidance.

Guru ang sang,

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Romantic Relationship (03/29/2000)
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