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Summary of Question:Do Women Have To Cover Their Heads All The Time?
Date Posted:Monday, 6/28/2004 4:46 AM MDT

Hi! I'm not sure if this question has been asked before. I know the significance of men wearing turbans in our religion. But is it compulsory for women to do the same? If not do we have to cover our heads as well?

Hence, when we become amartharies, do we have to cover our heads all the time? Then what happens when we go to work?!

Guilt is consuming me.

Sat Siri Akaal. We wear our turbans or patkas over juras to work. We take them off in the privacy of our homes. That's what Sikh women in the USA do. Many Sikh women do not keep their hair covered all the time in public. I don't know how that developed historically, but it did. A growing number of us Sikh women believe that 10th Master didn't give this order to men only on that first Baisakhi. Don't be consumed with guilt. Either you'll do it or not, but accept yourself either way and move on.
Guru ang sang,

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Do Women Have To Cover Their Heads All The Time? (06/28/2004)
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