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Summary of Question:Fear To Wear A Dastar
Date Posted:Monday, 11/30/2009 4:57 AM MST

wjk wjf,

i have jst done my 18yrs of age. and stil i wear a patka wich the children wear... i wear a dastar to gurdwara saheb ji but d patka elsewhere.... the place i live at doesnt hav a lot of sikhs.... nd those present, a majority of them stil wear the same sought of patka... so the ppl dnt knw abt the dastaar ... i want now to start wid dastaar but dont knw how as the i fear d ppl may make fun of it..... plz help...wat to do


Sat Nam,

You just have to make a choice on this one. People always make fun of one thing or another and that what makes us find our strength. You are who you are whether you wear patka or dastar it does not make a difference.
On the other hand if you just decide to be strong about it and wear it like a crown then eventually people will respect that and recognize the king in you.
The tick is to recognize the king in yourself first.
Yogi Bhajan used to say that you are who you say you are. Even if sometimes you may have a doubt within there is nothing worry, just keep it up and that is all everyone else will see.


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Fear To Wear A Dastar (11/30/2009)
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