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Summary of Question:question: Sikh Prayer Before Meals (with 9 responses)
Date Posted:Wednesday, 5/26/1999 10:35 AM MDT


I wanted a copy of the sikh prayer that is recited just before you eat your meals.

If your have english translation this will be most helpful to alongside the gurmukhi version.


D. Singh Dail
59 Uplands Rd
West Midlands
WV13 3PD
Dear D. Singh,
Sat Nam, ji. This is a wonderful question, and as I suspected the traditions of specific prayers before meals is more of a variable tradition of Punjab culture (not exactly a teaching of Siri Guru Granth Sahib, or the Rehit Muryada), and since I did not grow up in Punjab or a Punjabi household, I asked for input about your question on the Sikhnet (adult) Discussion Forum. I received quite a number of responses, mostly consistent with the idea that having a specific prayer before a meal is an optional practice, with some precedents of specific prayers that were mentioned.

Ultimately, if this is a practice that inspires you, if it is something you remember from your childhood that you find uplifting, by all means continue. It is a beautiful concept, and as the responses went on, these are practices that are valuable in giving children an idea of gratitude and remembrance of the blessings of our Guru, that He gives us every bite, and every nourishment, throughout our lives. Beyond this, we should remember Him with every breath and in every moment of our lives. So, just saying a prayer at the beginning of the meal does not alter the fact that the mealtime prayer is simply a reminder of an attitude we should carry continuously.

I'm going to share with you each of the URL addresses for each of the responses, along with an e-mail I received from another Sikh brother, in the interest of supporting your question with a good answer. Several Shabads and passages from Siri Guru Granth Sahib were mentioned as appropriate (and have been traditionally used) before having a meal. The specific prayer of your own experience may be another portion of Gurbani entirely. If so, you might ask from someone in your community or extended family, as there is no one particular prayer that is appropriate. You may feel free to explore Siri Guru Granth Sahib, and Gurbani, to find passages that uplift you in gratitude and thanks to Guruji. In the course of your life you will certainly come across many passages that will be appropriate. Use them all, bless your food, and be blessed yourself, by Guru's Grace. What follows is yours to explore freely. Sorry you haven't received a response sooner, my schedule has been very busy).

As you can see, when someone calls sincerely, Sikhs are here to serve.

Krishna Singh Khalsa

Question: Traditional Sikh Prayer Before Meals (Krishna S. Khalsa) 05/31/99

from Yuktanand Singh:

from Krishna Singh, restating the question:

from Jasjit T Ahluvalia:

from Serjinder Singh:

from Js Singh:

another response from Yuktanand Singh:

from Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa:

And finally, the e-mail I received about your question is on my computer at home. If you read this Reply before I'm able to add the e-mail, be sure and come back in a day or so, as there will be one more addition that you will find interesting and helpful.

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question: Sikh Prayer Before Meals (with 9 responses) (05/26/1999)
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