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Summary of Question:Is Wearing Turban Of Traditonal Kind Necessary
Date Posted:Sunday, 7/01/2001 3:39 AM MDT

waheguru ji ka khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh..this forum has cleared many of my doubts so i seek your advice on another issue that i am facing.i am an amrithari sikh software professinal .i dont die the traditional king of big turban..instead i tie a round turban.i want to go for the traditional kind but i am not comfortable tieing it.i dont want to look clumsy in that kind of head gear cos i cant tie it properly.also i start feeling headache if i wear the big turban.i just wanna kow if it is ok for me to continue with the small round turban i am comfortable with according to our traditions and religion.
thanks and regards
harminder singh


Dear Harminder Singh--

Nothing has, to my knowledge, been codified as to when young men must begin wearing full turban. As Amritdhari Sikh, you took a vow to wear the form of Guru Gobind Singh, and to crown your head with his turban. So it seems that perhaps that time is upon you. I suggest you find someone who can help you learn to tie a turban properly, so that it is comfortable and not too tight. It takes some getting used to wearing a lot of cloth on the head. You have to train the neck muscles; this means your posture has to be that of a warrior, if you think about it. Look at it this way, if you don't wear it now when will you wear it? Are you going to go without full turban all your life?

Your coworkers will get used to seeing you this way. Get really nice royal blue turban and also pure white turban; either of these colors will enhance the regal-ness of the turban and, I guarantee, bring compliments.

I hope this helps. Guru rakha,

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