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Summary of Question:Are we allowed to have sex before marriage???
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Friday, 4/21/2000 9:49 PM MDT

I was wondering if sikhs are allowed to have sex before marriage? and what if you have slept with someone, what should you do? my particular situation involves a white girl and a sikh guy. I dont want to marry her though cause she is white, are there any prayers i can i do????

We do not encourage anyone to have sex before marriage. As you now know, it certainly has it's complications and makes it harder to avoid.

I would suggest that you avoid situations that put the temptation in your path.

Your spiritual committment as a Sikh is to respect women. That means that we treat them as your sister, or your daughter, or your Mom. The only one that you relate to intimately and sexually is your wife.

As far as what to do now. We make mistakes and then by God's grace we get the opportunity to correct them. So, go for it.

You can recite Jaap Sahib to keep you strong and powerful. Or do Benti Chaupai:"Hamari karo hath de rachaa...etc."11x/day, to build your self esteem and protection.

You can also play soccer or start jogging to let off steam.

God bless you in your efforts.

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Are we allowed to have sex before marriage??? (04/21/2000)
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