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Summary of Question:Can I Still Be A Sikh A Agian
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Sunday, 12/24/2006 2:15 AM MST

Hello there, there is something in my heart that's so heavy and i cant keep it in me anymore , i was born a sikh , my mum is chinese a non sikh, but my dad is , me my brother and sister all kept out hair when we were young and followed the sikh path , i took my armit in 1999 , but in 2001 i cut my hair and became a christian , i lost faith in being aa sikh and the sikh way of life and now in 2006 i wana make a come back as a sikh but i just dun know how to i love my Guru and i want to be the best for him but since dan i have cut my hair , picked up somokeing drinking and lots of stupid stuff .I still smoke now i have since cut down on my drinking , i want to be a sikh of the Guru bu ti just dun know how to , everyday i feel so sad and bad for all this things i did . How can i pick myself up now ? How can i take armit agian and be a true sikh ? it looks so hard to keep back my hair and wat if i die before i can do that how can i answer to God . Can i still call my self a sikh now ?

please help me i'm lost

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Present yourself before your Guru with love and humility in your heart, put your forehead down and ask Guru Ji's help in re-establishing your relationship with him. The past is gone. Forget it. You create the future through the thoughts you think now, the words you speak now and the actions you do now. Don't look back.

Take one step towards your Guru and he will take a thousand steps towards you.


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Can I Still Be A Sikh A Agian (12/24/2006)
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