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Summary of Question:Are we Sikh and/or Khalsa?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/18/1999 4:54 AM MDT

I am always puzzle about this question. From my understanding a Sikh is a beleiver of Sikh religion but who might not follow Guru Ji Rehat and/or

5 "K" and has not been baptaised by 5 Piraraa with Amrit.
As many a times these terms are used inter-changerably without distinctions.
Is this understanding correct?
Sat Nam, this is a good question. Let me offer my understanding on this. Khalsa is an ideal, whose details were set forth by Guru Gobind Singh when he baptised the Panj Piare. Those who aspire to live up to these ideals would probably take Amrit, and wear the 5 K's, etc. The beauty of the Sikh religion is that it is a very personal faith, between the individual and the Guru, and no one else has any reason, need, or right to judge the "status" of anyone else. (No,
"Holier than thou" !!!) I think when the term "Khalsa" is used, the implicatiion is that the person is committed to the principlesthat Guru Gobind Singh taught.
Blessings, SP

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